Driving lessons:
Learning to drive in Evesham

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience but it's about finding the right driving instructor for you. Now YOU CAN learn to drive and pass with Mathew Clark in Evesham.

Mat Clark, your driving instructorWith an excellent driving test pass rate, whatever your ability, Mathew Clark provides a calm learning environment, taking the stress out of lessons with a caring approach.

You'll learn fast and look forward to every lesson. Not only will you pass your driving test, you will continue to be a safe and knowledgeable driver. And what's more, you will LOVE driving!

Registered and licenced with the Driving Standards Agency, Mathew Clark tutors in Evesham and surrounding area, so if you live in and around Evesham, Worcestershire, call now for details and for your introductory driving lesson.

Driving lessons:
learn a life-long skill

Want better job opportunities in the area? Being able to drive will enable you to apply for a greater selection of employment in and around Evesham. Driving is an important skill that once learned, you will use for life.

Learn to drive for convenience

Plan your life and schedule, not the bus routes and timetables! Being able to drive gives you complete freedom to go where and when you want.

Don't delay, invest in a driving course with Mat Clark today!

Your driving lessons

Lessons start with a reliable and punctual, door to door service. With a high standard of teaching for your full hour driving lesson, with no disruptions, mobile telephone calls, or breaks.

How many driving lessons?

This can vary. You will be advised on what is suitable for you. Each driving course is individually tailored to meet your exact requirements and your specific needs.

Your driving licence

Before you begin learning to drive, you'll need a provisional driving licence from the DVLA, you can get an application from the Post Office, or apply online. See weblinks.

Driving Lesson
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Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations and Congratulations,
a Driving Lesson is a gift for life!

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Choose Mat Clark
for your Driving Tuition:

  • Friendly, patient instructor, makes learning to drive a pleasure
  • Flexible pick up & drop off, from home, work, school or college
  • Dedicated one-to-one tuition
  • Easy to learn, step-by-step Driving Lessons
  • Learn at your own pace, choose weekly Driving Lessons or an intensive Driving Course
  • Lesson times convenient for you
  • Dual controlled, air conditioned car for your comfort and safety
  • No smoking
  • No mobile calls during your lessons
  • No passengers during your lessons
  • Nervous pupils welcome
  • VERY HIGH success rate

Book your first lesson,
Call 01386 421535 now!

Driving lessons:
Beginner course

From complete beginner with no previous experience to confident, competent and safe driver with Mat Clark's Driving instruction.

New driver Driving Lessons are conducted on roads familiar to you in Evesham in order to provide you with the best possible start.

And, at any age, it's always good to learn to drive.

More about Beginners Driving Lessons

Driving lessons:
Pass Plus course

Previously passed your driving test but not driven a car for while? Are you nervous of driving? Or are you anxious of Motorway driving? Mat Clark will get you up to speed.

Ask about a Refresher Driving Course, also known as a Pass Plus Course and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of being a driver in Evesham and Worcestershire area again!

A Pass Plus Driving Course further improves your skills after you pass and can reduce your insurance costs.

Motorway driving lessons for maximum safety and confidence. With refresher lessons, you'll become a confident, responsible and economic driver.

More about Pass Plus Lessons

Call now!

There's never been a better time to start learning to drive!

01386 421535

or mobile:

07933 158132

  • "Though initially reluctant and nervous about driving I found Mat's patient and calm approach reassuring, he was friendly and professional giving the lessons his full attention.

    Mat was always punctual, and generous with his time giving excellent feedback at the end of each lesson, we started off with hour long lessons on roads I knew well to build confidence and vehicle control before extending to two hour lessons around the test routes in Cheltenham.

    When my friends were looking to change driving instructor I immediately recommended him."

    Eleanor Hodgson

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  • "Mat is a relaxed person and a calming influence in every situation.

    Mat has built my confidence due to his knowledge and expertise.

    I couldn't ask for a better driving instructor to support me, cannot thank him enough!"

    Leanne Greenwood

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  • "Friendly and knowledgeable instructor who made my lessons enjoyable and gave me the support I needed to pass my test."

    Francesca Cross

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  • "I had a very positive learning experience with Mat. He was relaxed, friendly and patient, and always stayed calm when I wasn't sure what to do.

    With his help in building my confidence driving, I passed first time with three minors.

    I would highly recommend Mat to anyone learning to drive!"

    Ella Marshall Shepherd

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  • "Mat is a great driving instructor who makes sure you a fully prepared for your test!

    He's been very supportive and helpful throughout learning to drive and with his help, I passed first time!

    I would happily recommend him to anyone."

    Isabelle Fleming

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  • "...He is a calm and understanding driving instructor which made me feel so comfortable and confident in every driving lesson.

    I passed first time with three minors from the help from Mat. ... I would recommend him to everyone in Evesham!

    :) Thanks!"

    Lewis Conley

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  • "I really enjoyed Mat's style of teaching and I found his use of scoring systems and checklists really useful.

    Mat was also really helpful and calm in all of my driving lessons when I panicked or didn't understand exactly what to do.

    He enabled me to pass my driving test first time with only 4 minors and has given me a well rounded idea of how to drive now I'm out on my own.

    Can't thank him enough!"

    Issy Stephens

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  • "Made driving very simple and constantly clear and precise with instructions. Would happily recommend to anyone learning to drive."

    Glen Harvey

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  • "Mat was always extremely patient and supportive throughout...

    ...his attitude and high knowledge helped me to pass my driving test first time!

    I would recommend Mat to anyone that is learning to drive!"

    Libby Hawkins

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  • "Mat is a brilliant driving instructor. He is patient and makes you feel relaxed and confident when driving. I will be recommending him to all my friends. He helped me pass my test first time with only 4 minors and 17 hours of lessons. Thank you Mat."

    Kieran Dean

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  • "I would highly recommend Mat as an instructor. He is calm, patient and extremely helpful. So glad I chose him as my driving instructor."

    John Greenwood

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  • "Mat is an excellent driving instructor who got me through my test first time with only 1 minor.
    He is patient and very encouraging.
    I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive."

    Tom Leonard

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  • "Great guy with excellent knowledge of the driving world who gives great, worthwhile driving lessons that ultimately allowed me to pass my driving test 1st time!"

    Ollie Bethell

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  • "Driving lessons with Mat were always relaxed and calm, which made learning to drive enjoyable! He helps you build confidence as he is very patient and gives you helpful feedback at the end of every driving lesson, which makes you feel more than prepared for your test!"

    Jessica Evans

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  • "...He always makes you feel at ease and is so calm and patient with you. Mat will always give you feedback at the end of each driving lesson and tells you what you need to work/improve on. He will tell you when he thinks you're ready to do you're test and he constantly reassures you before hand. Thank you Mat :)."

    Louisa Castle

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  • "Mat is a brilliant driving instructor, helping me and my sister both to pass first time.
    He was patient, knowledgable and easy to get along with and I would recommend him to anyone.
    Thank you Mat."

    Hugh Chapman

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  • "I had a very positive experience learning to drive with Mat. He is a very calm, patient and experienced driving instructor, who, above all has taught me to be confident and safe when driving."

    Ben Coley

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  • "Mat throughout the whole process of learning to drive was very supportive, patient and helpful.
    I really enjoyed learning to drive with him. I passed first time with his assistance.
    Thank you Mat."

    Harry Howells

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  • "Mathew is an excellent teacher and made me feel at ease in every driving lesson. He is easy to get along with and made me feel 100% confident in driving. Would definitely recommend to anyone."

    Ben Proctor

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  • "Mat taught both myself and my sister to drive, getting us through our tests first time...
    I have already recommended Mat to multiple friends and would certainly continue to do so."

    Abi Corbett

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  • "Was a great experience.
    Mat made me feel at ease when driving and I would always learn something new each driving lesson.
    Would recommend Mat to anyone!"

    Liam Dennick

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  • "I have loved learning to drive with Mat, he made it very easy to learn and always made me feel very comfortable.
    Would always recommend...
    Thank you Mat!"

    Hannah Downey

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  • "Mat is a great driving instructor and makes sure you're really ready for your test.
    I felt very comfortable while driving with Mat and has given me a lot of confidence.
    Would recommended him to anybody!"

    Liam Harvey

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  • "Great Driving Instructor and would highly recommend. I Passed with 0 minors within 15 hours! fantastic!"

    Ollie Barnett

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  • "Mat has been very calm, patient and supportive from the start. He gives you thorough feedback and tips throughout each of your driving lessons to ensure that you understand exactly what you're supposed to do and get into good habits..."

    Ryan Smith

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  • "Mat made learning to drive easy and enjoyable. He put in the time and effort to get me to pass in just over three months and really helped me gain even more confidence every driving lesson."

    Alex Tarplee

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  • "I felt at ease when learning to drive with Mat and would recommend him to everyone."

    Alex Tarplee

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  • "...I would (and have) recommended him to anyone who is starting driving lessons. "

    Josie Chapman

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  • "...He is a great flexible teacher, and I was at ease every driving lesson...His instructions were easy to learn, clear and memorable. It was good fun learning with Mat.

    I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for everything!"

    Megan Grosso

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  • "Mat was really helpful. I found his driving tuition easy to follow and this resulted in passing my test after only 18 hours of lessons. Always accommodating and nothing was too much trouble.

    I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a patient and friendly driving instructor!"

    Callum Norledge

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  • "From my first driving lesson to the second I passed my test, Mat was a great, patient, friendly and lovely person. Made me feel 100% safe and made me an aware and safe road user.

    He strives to get you on the road, as quickly and as efficiently and as safely as he can..."

    Tom Parry

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  • "Matt has been an excellent driving instructor. He is always calm and has made me feel at ease since my first driving lesson. I always looked forward to my lessons and he has a great sense of humour... I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Matt."

    Kate Borlase

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  • "Mat's expert tuition and attitude really helped me become relaxed and enjoy my driving lessons. Mat helped me gain my confidence and gave me the determination to pass my driving test."

    Dave Williams

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  • "Matt made learning to drive a really enjoyable experience and made every effort to improve all areas of my driving so that I can now drive on the road safely and efficiently."

    Harry Phipps

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  • "Every driving lesson was helpful, constructive and enjoyable.

    Mat was always professional and went above and beyond to improve. A very good driving instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone!"

    Jordan Beckley

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  • "Matt is a great driving instructor who has helped me pass my driving test and taught me to be a safe driver by his clear instruction, patience and reliable tuition.

    I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn to drive and he's a top bloke and easy to get on with!"

    Amy Hathaway

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  • "Great teacher, passed my driving test first time!"

    Jamie Andrew

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  • "A really calm environment to learn in. Answered any and all questions I had about driving and drilled all the manoeuvres into my head so on the driving test I knew what I needed to do."

    Daniel Allsop

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  • "Mat has taught both myself and my brother to drive and we both had entirely positive experiences with him.

    He creates an extremely friendly, encouraging environment within the car, and this quickly fills you with confidence.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Mat to all learners. Thanks!"

    Alex Sobkowicz

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  • "Driving with Matt was amazing. He is so easy to learn how to drive with.

    Matt becomes more like one of your friends than he does a driving instructor.

    Great value for money and would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much Matt!!"

    Katie Davies

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  • "Great driving instructor, awesome atmosphere was very patient with me and passed first time thanks to Mat! Nothing but high recommendations! Thank you!"

    Tim Johnson

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  • "Mathew is an excellent teacher, is patient, answers and explains all questions, I really enjoyed lessons with him, many thanks for all your time and big help Mat!"

    Jolanta Kminikowska

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  • "My experience with Matt was brilliant. He kept his cool at all times even when I made silly mistakes. He is very easy to talk to and understanding when the difficulties of driving occur."

    Kieran Bennett

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  • "Passed first time, all thanks to Mat!

    After going through another driving instructor, Mat taught me so many more things that I didn't know. Went into my test confident :)"

    Shelley Gisbourne

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  • "Mat is great teacher. I felt really comfortable learning to drive with Mat. He would help me if I was unsure about something and be happy to go through something again.

    It was a lot of experience and was fun to do. Lots of thanks!"

    Leena P Joseph

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  • "Very nice guy who doesn't make you feel nervous or unconfident whatever ability you have, he is very keen on passing people as soon as he can he is really good and I appreciate everything and so glad I chose him."

    Craig Malin

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  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Mat Clark as he always made me feel at ease on the road and was always very reassuring.

    His unique style of learning techniques helped me to become a confident and safe driver.Thanks ever so much mat."

    Amy Bennett

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  • "Mat is an excellent driving instructor. I found Mat very helpful, professional and very friendly, always made you feel at ease in every one of his lessons.

    I would recommend Mat to anyone who wants to drive. Thanks so much Mat, I really appreciate the help you've given me. Best wishes!"

    Yuliya Pidvysotska

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  • "Mat aided me in any way he could be very flexible and even tutoring me on his Sunday day off.

    Before booking lessons with ANY other instructors you should really consider Mat as you will be loosing out!"

    Samuel Cole

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  • "Lesson's were great value for money, car was smooth and comfortable to drive.

    I passed 1st time thanks to Matt with 3 minors!"

    Luke Nevin

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  • "He was very reassuring, he let me get on with it and then tell me where I had room for improvement.

    He was very calm and reassuring and I would recommend him to anyone."

    Ben Harvey

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  • "A very patient driving instructor and you can learn to drive in your own time.

    Very good value for money!"

    Jodie Keeley

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  • "Mat made me feel extremely relaxed and confident when learning new manoeuvres as I was nervous and worried that I would not be able to succeed."

    Lauren Markey

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  • "I felt really comfortable learning with Mat, he clearly and thoroughly showed me how to do each manoeuvre and just how to drive safely in general.

    I'd highly recommend him to anyone who's learning."

    Kate Hickinbotham

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  • "Mat is a great teacher who is very understanding with anything that you would want to know about driving and is always very helpful."

    Eddie Leonard

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  • "The car was excellent and comfortable for me. He is an excellent and high grade Driving Instructor.

    Thank you so much Matt."

    Sumi Joseph

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  • "Excellent teacher, I would recommend him to anybody.

    Easy to talk to and to get on with, and stays calm."

    Bryn Walling

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