Driving lessons: Pass Plus course

An ideal driving lessons course to refresh your driving skills and get you back driving again…

Driving lessons: Pass Plus course An ideal driving lessons course to refresh your driving skills and get you back driving again

Get back in the driving seat with refresher driving lessons

Previously passed your driving test but not driven a car for while?

Are you nervous of driving? Or are you anxious of Motorway driving?

Mat Clark will get you up to speed.

Ask about a Refresher Driving Course, also known as a Pass Plus Course and you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of being a driver again!

A Pass Plus Driving Course further improves your skills after you pass and can reduce your insurance costs.

Motorway driving lessons for maximum safety and confidence.

With refresher lessons, you’ll become a confident, responsible and economic driver. Don’t delay, invest in a driving course with Mat Clark today!

Where can I take my Driving Lessons?

Refresher Driving Lessons are conducted on roads familiar to you in order to provide you with the best confidence boost.

For your convenience I can take your driving lessons where you live: in and around Evesham, Pershore, Broadway, Honeybourne, Cheltenham and surrounding Worcestershire and Gloucestershire areas.

Call Mat Clark today to discuss your requirements.

Are you worried about your driving ability?

You are not on your own!

Lots of people are apprehensive about driving if they have been away from it for a while, here’s just a few typical comments, is this you too?

“The Kids have gone to school so I have time to go to work again.”

All that time taken up bringing up a family meant there was no time for driving? A refresher will get you back in the driving seat and with greater opportunities for work if you are able to drive.

“I have been driving for years but avoid motorways as I’m nervous of them.”

Statistically, there are less accidents on motor ways than around smaller roads around town. Refresher lessons will boost your confidence, you’ll soon be driving with ease on motorways and taking miles off your journey times!

“My partner does all the driving so I am really out of practice.”

It’s very easy to loose confidence if you haven’t been driving for a while, but you never really forget how to drive. A refresher course will bring it all back, you’ll wonder why you ever stopped! And, wouldn’t it be great to share the driving on a long trip?

“I had an accident which knocked my confidence, I haven’t been driving since.”

It’s always difficult driving after an accident. But, taking controlled, safe driving refresher lessons can ease you back into driving at your own pace.

With Mat Clark’s calm approach, on roads familiar to you, you’ll get back to feeling in control again and happy to continue driving for years to come.

Contact Mat Clark

land line: 01386 421535

mobile: 07933 158132

A very high driving test pass success rate, get a move on and learn with Mat Clark, Evesham.